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Organic Floor Cleaners: Maintaining Hygiene Naturally

Posted by Admin on September, 17, 2021

As the name goes, floor cleaners are cleaning substances that are used for cleaning the floors of any building for removing dirt, dust, bad odours, stains or any kind of clutter on the surface. The primary purpose of cleaning floors is to maintain hygiene.

Drawbacks of Commercial Floor Cleaners

A floor cleaner consists of a number of harmful and toxic chemicals. These chemicals have a long lasting and unfavourable effect on the health of babies, pets and sometimes even adults. These chemicals are-

• Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laurel Sulphate are two chemicals that are detergent in nature and imply severe health threats. These chemicals might damage eyes and skin on direct contact.

• Phthalates, a scientific term for aroma, is used uninhibitedly in various cleaning products, especially in floor cleaners. This chemical might disrupt the endocrine resulting in developmental disorders and asthma.

• Monoethanolamine, Diethanolamine, Triethanolamine are also commonly present in commercial cleaning products that cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation.

• Another two highly used chemicals in cleaning substances are Sulphates and Phosphates which are responsible for lungs discomfort and water pollution respectively.

• Triclosan an antibacterial chemical and also a disinfectant might cause a number of allergies and imbalances in the endocrine.

Organic floor cleaners supplied by the organic floor cleaner wholesale supplier in India are free from all the above mentioned hazards. Therefore at present, the conscious household has eventually shifted their demand towards organic floor cleaners.

Organic Floor Cleaners

Organic floor cleaners are formulated such, that they clean floor surfaces effortlessly and do not leave behind any sort of toxic residue that causes harmful effects on humans, animals or nature. These organic floor cleaners are manufactured with a bio-active formula that eliminates all types of germs, disease-causing elements and bacteria from the floor surfaces. The use of organic floor cleaners saves the environment, human and animal lives as well from toxicity.

Benefits of Using Organic Cleaning Products

Organic floor cleaner supplier in India claims that these products remove 99.9 per cent of germs and also come with a number of advantages and goodness. They are-

• Organic floor cleaner is available in the market with a large variety of these products. These products provide cleanliness same as other commercial floor cleaners, in addition, the organic floor cleaners provide safety from toxic chemicals.

• These floor cleaners are also safe for direct contact with the skin while using. These cleaning items contain glycerine, which is safe for the skin and also eco friendly. Irrespective of the fact that the cleaning ability of these products is not compromised.

• Organic floor cleaners are eco friendly and do not contain any chemical agents for fragrance and colour, hence these products are safe for persons who have allergic tendencies or suffers from respiratory trouble for pungent smells.

• Organic floor cleaners along with being free from any kind of toxic contents are also not tested on animals.


The eco-friendly and organic floor cleaner is largely used in factories, hotels, airports, different institutions etc for maintaining shine and cleanliness.

These products are available in some soothing aromas. Organic floor cleaners are applied to any type of flooring and save from indoor pollution. The suppliers serve the requirement of their customers as per ordering quantities. They also allow flexible options of payment and maintains transparency in every transaction.

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